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Some random YunJae quotes xD
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Quotes from a Korean YunJae site.

"YH ah, My other half. Take care of urself for the time I'm gone. I don't want to come back seeing U unhealthy." -JJ's letter (SME lawsuit)

"As crazy as this sounds, I don't think of Jaejoong as a really good friend. He's more like my other half." -Yunho

"I don't even remember when fans started to become obssesed with us. Is YunJae really that interesting?" -JJ (YES IT IS!!!! D:)

"Fan: Jaejoong gege, you do know that JiJi in chinese means penis right? *JJ stares awkwardly at her then blushes.*

"After I read the YunJae fanfiction thorn year, the book became published. Wow, YunJae fans are hardcore aren't they?"-JJ

"The chinese yunjae fans are very kind. They sent me and Yunho links to fanfictions. *giggles* They were 'fun' to read."-JJ

 "When Jaejoong kissed Hyo Joo, the whole movie theater was screaming in agony and I heard multiple shouts of 'YunJae!'" -Movie cinema staff.

"I met Yunho in 2001. Then we met again in SM and I was a bit surprised. I guess it's fate." -JJ

" I think that Yunho and I met for a reason. With him in my life I feel more happy for some reason." -JJ

"I think the fan's minds are very interesting. The plots in the fanfictions are very cool to read about." -JJ (dead give away, man..-__-)

"Little 7 year old YunJae fan said 'Yunho oppa is weird." "why?" asks her mom. "Cause he is sexually frustrated with Jaejoong oppa."

"In my opinion, Go ara looks like a bitch who needs her vagina sewed up straight."- Kcassies aka, YunJae fan.

"When Jaejoong looks at you, you feel this pulse through your whole body because his eyes are so big ang his stare is very powerful." -YH

"YunJae YunJae YunJae!!!"- Fans " ah, you really like us that much? I find that really sweet."-YH

"Sometimes the YunJae fanfictions are very sad. I wonder if me and Yunho will ever be seperated."- JJ (-___- coincidence much?)

"I like spicy stuff."- JJ "Yeah, he's hot....no wait...I didn't mean it that way..." -YH

"why? Am I not pretty Jaejoong san?! why do you keep looking at Yunho san?" -Japanese singer (IDK who she is)

"This is probably very obvious but I feel very lonely. I miss the person I want to be with the most." -JJ ( a few days before his 26º b-day)

"Sometimes Jaejoong hyung's glares scare me. But Yunho hyung always eases Jaejoong from getting mad from his constant flirting." -YC

" I leaned on Yunho's shoulder once because I was tired, and I felt his heart beat super fast for some reason. I asked Yunho why was his heart beating so fast and I was scared he was sick!" -JJ (he's not sick JJ, he's in love <3)

" Yunho has a bad habit of hugging me by the waist. I feel violated."-JJ "That's because it comforts me."-YH

"Jaejoong stayed with me in the hospital when I got poisoned for a whole week. He lost a lot of weight because of me." -YH

"If you get to know Yunho, he is actually very childish, He makes fun of changmin all the time!:-JJ "Cause changmin is evil!!!" -YH

"In 2010,YH was rumored to be meeting up with Go Ara. After that,a fan saw YH talk with JJ through the phone and the pairing 'YunRa stopped."

"Mommy, I want a gift for my birthday."-Girl "What?"-mom "Yunho oppa"-Girl "....isn't that a bit expensive...?"-mom

"A little girl see's Yunho on the streets and instead of asking for an autograph, she scold him on cheating on Jae with Ara." XDDD

"A fan was speaking english, joking about how Yunho's moobs were even bigger than her own boobs. Yoochun heard and began to giggle."

"Stretching causes men to have flabby chest." *Yunho immediatly stops strecthing and covers his moobs"

"The love that we share is very hard to explain. We're best friends, but yet we're not." - YunJae

" You look like a girl sometimes." -YH "And you look like pedo." -JJ

"A real man's butt is round and plump like Junsu's."- random MC. "So we're not men?" - Yunho and Jaejoong.

"I think, a secret love is something none of your friends would understand. And it's like a fairy tale, but more serious."-YH

"When I was a teenager, my self esteem was really low. But when I stood next to Yunho and his crooked teeth, I felt better. *laughs*"-JJ

"when I walked with Jaejoong when we were 18, people would think he was my GF." -YH

"Jaejoong has a very manly body...but his face is so girly." -YH " You better watch what you're saying...!" -JJ

" I hardly ever cry because that's just not the type of person I am. But I only break down in front of Yunho at times." -JJ

"If you were a girl, I would marry you." -YH "why can't you marry me now? *thinks* ah...right..." -JJ

"I know Yunho from his personality to his body" -JJ (EHH? really?? OMG...then you must have done some exploring there eh Jae? XD)

"I feel so happy that so many support YunJae. We will not disappoint you guys!" -JJ T^T but what about now?? *cries

" You have very pretty hands" -JJ " Really? huh...Now I don't feel manly anymore." -YH (now we know who's the real man in the relationship)

"Yunho likes to mess up my cooking by eating it before hand." -JJ "That's because your cooking is too good to be waited upon." -YH

" In the fanfictions, I am always so dominant! *happy smile* I feel bad for Jaejoong. *pats Jaejoong's head in pity*" -Yunho

" The fanfictions the fans make are so weird, why am I always pregnant with Yunho's child???" -Jaejoong.

" stop staring at me...you're freaking me out!!" -YH "You're face is too small...that's why." -JJ

"wehn I can't sleep at night, Yunho lets me lean on his belly until I fall alsleep. His stomach is so squishy." - JJ
"I had a dream that I married you." -JJ "Really? I thought we already were." -YH

"Yunho acts very masculine on the outside, but He's actually very warm and funny." -JJ. "Only for you Baby.*laughs* " -YH

JJ-" Yunho tends to make me annoyed sometimes." YH-"why?" JJ-"you're to clingly."

"During an award, my hands were cold and Yunho held out his hands to warm mine." -JJ

"It's normal in japan for guys to be really close but Jaejoong san and Yunho san are extrmely close." -DBSK's japanese stylist.

"Yunho and Jaejoong never get offended when Fans scream YunJae. they are actually very happy when they do."-SME staff.

"What do you like about me the most?" -YH " your small head. It's like an alien."-JJ *yunho awkwardly laughs*

"Yunho gets jealous all the time. Especially over me cause He doesn't like sharing."-JJ

"I got pregnant one in a yunjae fanfiction."-JJ ( just proves my point more when I say JJ reads smut -__-)

"Jaejoong took a picture of me when I was peeing and I was so scared cause all I saw was a phone in pointing at my private part!"-YH

"what's your favorite part of me?"-JJ "hmm, I have to say, your waist."-YH

FACT: Jaejoong read up to 106 YunJae fanfics...ALL RATED!

FACT: Yunho thinks it's weird that Jaejoong likes Fanfiction this much. But he himself reads them too...(not the rated ones, only PG XD)


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